Just like a wap brings a knife to a gun fight

January 9, 2009 at 6:47 am (Uncategorized) ()

I’m sitting in on my couch watching The Untouchables and I’m touched by how awesome the movie is. I’m Pretty sure that one of my kids is going to get the name Jimmy after Sean Connery’s character Jimmy Malone. He’s just so cool in the movie.

The fact that I’m watching this glorious movie in blu ray high definition on my 120 Hz motion enhanced TV some how is able to raise the complete awesomeness of this movie even higher.


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Thousands of year later and still no better way to say it

January 9, 2009 at 6:11 am (God!!! Oh man!!!)

So last night I was reading Psalms and God showed something to me as i was reading. I started to notice that so many parts of the praise and worship songs that we all love to sing to God have been taken from the Psalms that David wrote. And this hit me as I started to notice this, the words, thoughts, and ideas that bring us so deeply into the presence of God can’t be expressed in any better way than the way that David did THOUSANDS of years ago. Why is this?! It’s cause Davis was a man that spend every second of his day with God trying to get to his heart, like the word says that David was a man after Gods own heart. I believe that this means that David was a man that longed to get to Gods heart, and through this pursuit he got himself to a place where he became a man after Gods own heart. If I’m going to get to the place I want to be with God, the place that David was where I’m so in tune with God and get so close to him that even thousands of years later there is still no better way to express what he’s like and how much he loves us, I’m going to have to spend all of my time seeking Him out. Does watching TV, hanging out with friends, or anything else really matter when it comes to going after Gods heart the way that I have to to get it? My answer is a big fat NO!!!

I think it’s about time that Istarted to go after Gods heart cause there is no way the time I spend finding it could be spent on anything nearly as great and satisfying.

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At The Counter

November 16, 2008 at 1:59 am (Tales from behind the counter, Uncategorized) (, )

So let me start this ridiculous story that i’m about to tell you by saying that if you have never work in retail you have with out a Shadow of a doubt been a huge jerk to someone in a store. And more than likely while thinking you were totally in the right even though you were totally not, and were thought of as a totally tool to every employee who you were dealing with. So next time you are in a store and you have an issue remeber that the person behind the counter is acually a person and chances are that you are totally wrong and are acting like a big idiot. So do your self and the people you are dealing with a faver and calm the french toast down!

Anyway now that i got that out of the way i can get onto my story. I was at work just a couple of days ago and i was standing behind the customer service counter because i’m a CSA ( customer service associate) and this guy comes up to the counter with nothing in his hand and this look on his face that looks like i’ve already help him and i know now exactly what he wants. So i ask politley, ” what can i do for you?” While thinking man this is probably not coing to go well. The guys responce is, “i need a set of those Sony speakes you got back there that are like $59.99.” now if you havn’t noticed this statement lack so WAY TO MUCH info for me to help him get what he wants. So i begin to ask questions trying to find out where he found these speakers and who i could get to help him get the speakers. now it took me three or four questions to find these things out because of the one or two word answers he was giving me with the attitude like i should be able to read his mind and already know the answers to these questions. So after what pretty much became an interrogation i found out that the speakers where our home theater sound room and that i need to get one of my TV guys to help him get the speakers cause they also deal with our home entertainmnet section. So i tell him that i will call one of my tv guys over so that they can help him get the speakers. now i did this for several reasons.

1. To ensure that he gets the right speakers because i don’t know anything about them

2. The tv guys get gross margin on things like that which helps them get closer to bonusing for that month

3. Because i can’t leave the counter to walk back to the other side of the store with him to get the speakers cause there would be no one to check people out and i would be no help to him.

so he says, “well aren’t i just going to have to come up here to pick the speakers up after i buy them?” I told him that yea they are probably back in the warehouse but that i don’t know much about speakers and the sony ones for $59.99 doesn’t help me know which ones they are. And again i said so let me go get one of my tv guys who know all about the speakers and stuff. But he won’t have any of it. As far as he was concerned his speakers were behind that counter and he was not going to leave where he was standing cause he was as close to them as he could be, and wasn’t going to move. So said phh whatever fine and walked out of the store.

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Is there really no country for old men?

September 26, 2008 at 6:18 am (Just random stuff) ()

I just got back from my buddy Sean’s house where we watched, NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN, a freakn’ awesome movie. I’m sitting here trying to figure out what to say about the movie but can’t come up with anything because it is just so good i can’t begin to tell you. So lets leave it at thisif you haven’t seen the movie you need to. It will blow your mind. Javier Bardem does some of the most amazing acting i’ve ever seen! i can’t explain to you how good it is unless you see the movie. If you are able to pick up what happened in the end of the movie your mind will be further blown. I would tell you but it would ruin the way you viewed and thought about the entire movie. So watch the movie and see for yourself. After you have, i’ll tell you the meanings of Tommy Lee Jones’ dreams if you want me to.

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Man God is awesome!!!

September 21, 2008 at 9:32 pm (My God and the awesome stuff He does) ()

If you have ever wanted God to do something for you, let me tell you that he can. I have seen Him work in my life time and time again. The latest maricle that He has done in my life is to give me a freakn’ awesome car. Now you might say,”oh you got a new car big deal. how is that God?” Well i’ll tell you how it is. You see I had no money for a new car, and the parental unites certainly weren’t going to buy me one. But I knew that I was gona need one with the car i was driving reaching it’s end, and with me going to have to be driving a lot more because of the internship i was starting and therefore spending a lot more on gas. So i knew i really needed one, but that I, myself, didn’t have the means to get it. So i hade a conversation with God that went something like this:

God, “Hey you need a new car right?”

Me, “Umm…Yea.”

God, “Well you know that i can give you a car right?”

Me, “Yea. I guess.”

God, “Well why don’t you start believing for one then dude?!?”

Me, “Haa, alright.”

So i started to pray, believe, and tithe for a new car. One Sunday I sowed a seed for a new car one sunday and said that I was believing for it by the end of the month. well on the last day of the month my parents sit me down in there room and tell me that my grandma’s house that we had been praying to sell for the last year had finally sold and that in her will my grandma had left her grandchildren $5000!!! but it didn’t end there they said that they would give me the another $3000 so that iscould get an $8000 car, something that i would never have expected. So we started looking for a car and one week later i was able to buy a 2000 honda civic with a manual transmission, the kind of car that is had always wanted. So let me tell you God can do anything for you if you only believe that he will.

My little Natania

My Little Natania

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Hello world!

September 18, 2008 at 5:46 pm (Just random stuff) ()

Hey, what is up people? this is my first post and so i figured that i should let you know what this blog is gona be all about. for the most part i will be sharing my ridiculously awesome thoughts about all kinds of things from what i think about God to why people have to suck at driving and cause stupid and needless trafic jams for me to get stuck in. So sit back and relax while you laugh, cry, and ponder things with me.

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